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Testimonials, Successes and Rates

"Her goal is not to teach each student what he/she needs to know, but to help them understand each aspect and excel in every aspect of the instrument."

"Very patient and quick to think of several explanations which allows her to teach students with different learning styles."

"Dr. XXXX says that I am doing great and came very prepared to college. (Thanks to you)"

"Tries to be flexible, and works with our schedule"

"It is nice to sit in on the lesson, so when we get home I can help her practice for next week's lesson."

"Nothing but supportive and honest"

"She puts students at great levels to strive for above what they could imagine."

"She worked with me every step of the way, challenging me to work harder and practice more"

"I was able to perform in the higher achieving ensembles in college."

"I have learned alot, and it was an amazing experience!"

"Everything Mrs. Jasek teaches prepares one for their future goals."

"I enjoyed even having skype lessons while we were on vacation"



I have a number of former students who have attended college, both in and out of state as well as out of the country as music majors.  I have also had them return to me for lessons during their college breaks and summers.



Rates for weekly individual lessons are $20.00 per half hour or $38.00 per hour. Skype, FaceTime, Duo and Zoom lessons are also available.


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